Lonely Book of the Week: People Who Said NO

People Who Said No: Courage Against OppressionHAVE YOU EVER had to stand alone for something you believed in? We learn about many heroes who have gone against the grain for something they were passionate about and felt strongly about. We see the controversy for the NFL protest of the anthem. Even though there is some confusion and lack of clarity of the protest, people in these books felt strong about their beliefs and everyone knew what they were protesting and standing up against. Learn more about individuals who stood up against the Nazis, nuclear weapons, and much more. Our students enjoy reading about super heroes and those who made a positive difference in our world. This book is located in a section that we don’t usually gravitate towards but it is worth your time and thought to learn more about these influential individuals.

People Who Said NO: Courage Against Oppression by Laura Scandiffio

“Examines the actions of individuals who did the right thing by breaking the rules, including a brother and sister who distributed anti-government pamphlets in Nazi Germany, the man who helped develop but also spoke out against the nuclear bomb in Cold War Russia, and others.” From our online catalog available in the library


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