Top Facts About the Library

WE GET QUESTIONS throughout the year asking what goes on in the library everyday?. It is difficult to guess what will happen each day but here are a few facts about the library that may give you some insight.

Where’s Waldo?

We have had over 50 titles put on hold for our users this year. This means that someone wanted a particular book that was currently checked out and we placed a hold for them. We want our readers to feel extra special so when a book becomes available we find out where they are during the day and deliver that book to them.

Just Google it! 🙂 

The library has 30 desktop computers available for our students and teachers. Students come in daily for AR testing (21.2%) and teachers reserve the lab for class instruction and assignments (24.2%) and we have a crowd of students before 1st hour that wake up their brain with some games (4.4%). It is rare to not see at least one user on the computer at any point during the day in the library.

Follow me on _____!

We are creative in promoting books, activities and programs in the library. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr in addition to HERE! Each week we share pictures and articles and this takes devotion from our staff to find more followers. Take a few minutes to find, follow and share us to your friends on social media.

Gone Phishing!

When a book is overdue it costs $0.05 per day to the user. This year who spent 9 Fridays each week to recognize students who researched and learned about phishing and phishing attacks. The library had a new question each week related to phishing and students had the opportunity to research the answer to have their pesky library late fee forgiven. In total we forgave over $20 in library late fees. This was impressive and we believe our students received valuable knowledge about phishing and how not to be a victim.

Book Mechanic

Unfortunately one of our daily tasks includes repairing books. Anywhere from 20-200 books are returned daily and some are older or have gone through some rough situations that require repair. There are times where the book is beyond repair and is sent to the graveyard, but we find ways to repair books in a variety of ways so that it is able to remain in our collection. We also evaluate if the book needs to be replaced with a new copy depending on the popularity of each book.

Here are just a few daily tasks that happen in the library. We hope it add some perspective as to how popular the library is in our school.



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