Violent Ends Review

Violent EndsMass shootings are sadly too frequent. Everyone has an opinion on how to solve this problem but the question on everyone’s mind is the “why?” Why did they do it? What caused them to “snap?” Who can we blame? Violent Ends is a story about a high school where a mass shooting occurred and changed the lives of the entire community. What I enjoyed about the book is the multiple perspectives told in each chapter. It was easy to connect with each of the characters in the book and how their lives were affected by this event and their reflections of before the shooting. They each had interaction with the shooter, Kirby, and they are all trying to figure him out. Did they know he was capable of being this type of monster? It is too easy to place the blame on the family of the shooter but Kirby had a great loving family.  So what or who caused this horror?

What is particularly appealing to this book is the connection to each of the characters and how they seem just like someone you already know. The story is not sympathetic to the shooter and his life but rather just lies out the facts of the culture of the high school and students being students. This book is a thinking book. It will allow you consider your own actions and how they affect others. What makes this book real is that we have no profile of a school shooter for us to identify before an event like this occurs. So we don’t know who the next shooter maybe or why they decide to do it. This book was requested by a student last year and there were some reservations of adding to the collection. I am proud to have this book in our collection and it will be read for our students and teachers in this upcoming year.


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