Amina’s Voice Review

Amina's VoiceFriends, secrets, and an annoying older brother sum up what Amina feels when she begins middle school in Milwaukee. Amina also has an amazing talent for music and singing, but don’t has her to sing in front of a crowd. Ever since her embarrassing freeze up during an elementary play, Amina has yet to get over her fear of crowds. Her teachers have encouraged her piano playing and singing, but she has not desire to perform in front of a crowd, that is too scary. Her best friend Soojin is becoming close friends with Emily, whom Amina can’t stand because she is such a snob. In the book, Amina’s Voice, Amina’s life isn’t much different than students in our school, but she is a Muslim girl with different customs and religious practices. This book exposes a unique perspective of middle school life from a young Mulism girl whose parents immigrated from Pakistan.

This book is on the 2019 Oklahoma Intermediate Sequoyah list and is one of two books told from the perspective of Muslim girls (Saints and Misfits by SK Ali). This is a story I believe any middle school student can relate and also reflect upon. This probably isn’t the strongest book on the list but it is worthy of adding to our collection.


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Review of Miles Morales by Jason Reynolds


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