Braced Review

BracedAccording to the author, Alyson Gerber, seven million people suffer from scoliosis, a curve of the spine. It is most common in girls but it can occur in any race or gender. Rachel is a 7th grade soccer play whose spine is curving more than it should and her doctor prescribe an awkward brace that wraps around her torso and back to keep her spine from moving. This is a procedure all too familiar for her mother who also suffered from the same disease but the brace didn’t work for her and she had to have a risky surgery to correct her spine. The brace is hot, itchy, and most of all uncomfortable. Rachel is worried how wearing this brace will affect her soccer performance since she was recently named a starter. Her best friends, Hazel and Fannie, are very understanding but the rest of the soccer team, not so much. Rachel is trying to avoid spinal surgery but this brace doesn’t fit in with her 7th grade life style very well.

This book is similar to Amina’s Voice, Charlie and Armstrong, and Ashes to Ashville that are also on this year’s Sequoyah list. They all have a them of self acceptance and perfect for middle school students. I only have one more of the Sequyah books to review, Refugee by Alan Gratz but I am on a wait list for it. I started listening to Children of the Blood two days ago and it is great thus far. So I will spend the morning selecting my next book :).

Coming Soon…

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi review (New York Times Bestseller)

Undecided Book Review…


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