Speed Date Your Next Book!

The next two days are always the best days in the library. For the past few years we have had all of the 8th grade students come into the library to selected a nonfiction American history book for a book report. We have selected only the best books for students to “date” tomorrow and hopefully enjoy for a few days on their own. We enjoy students coming in to select a book they aren’t very excited about but leave at the end of the hour with something they are interested in readying more about. We have the tables broken up into different sections of books based on their topics to evaluate which books are more popular with the students. This way we can look into ordering more books in that topic for future 8th graders. There are five separate tables filled with nonfiction literature. Students will take a seat and spend 1 minute browsing the selection of books at their table. Next they will select one book and spend a whole 4 minutes reading the book to get to know it better. At the end of the time they are to review and rate what they read. If they didn’t find anything they liked they will rotate to the next table. If they found something they liked they will take that book with them and rotate to the next table and do it all over again. It is heart warming to hear the students talk about what they are reading and explain why they are happy with their selection. We are looking forward to see this occur again tomorrow and gain feedback as to what they though of the book in the weeks to come.


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