Solo (Review)

SoloWho hasn’t thought that people who are famous have it easy? They have big houses, nice cars, go to private schools and have it all, but what if those people envy those with a normal family and normal life? Blade lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous but he would give it all up if he didn’t have to be the son of the famous crazy Rutherford Morison. Rutherford is constantly embarrassing him by being the headline in the tabloids for his drunkenness and substance abuse. But Blade has his sister, Storm, and his girlfriend Chapel to help him weather the storm his father puts him through. But Chapel’s parents don’t want her to be around the Morrison because of Rutherford’s behavior and so they must keep their relationship a secret. Little does Blade know that Chapel has been keeping a secret of her own. As it turns out lots of people are keeping secrets from Blade his own life and when he discovers the truth his life it turned around and he doesn’t know what to do next. This book is another masterpiece from Kwame Alexander. I listened to the audio-book and I highly recommend it because of the music that is played and song in this edition. The singing and musical compositions played are a added bonus in the audio-book. This has been on my to-read list for too long and I am thrilled for students enjoying this book too. The next book in this series, Swing will be released in October and we are definitely adding it to our collection.

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