My Weekend is Booked!

1. Middle School: Get Me Out of Here! by James PattersonMiddle School: Get Me Out of Here!  (Middle School, #2)

After surviving sixth grade, Rafe expects seventh grade to be a fun zone because he has been accepted to art school in the big city, but when he discovers it is more competitive than he expected, he sets out to turn his boring life into the inspiration for a work of art.

2. Eight Keys by Suzanne Lafleur

Eight KeysWhen twelve-year-old Elise, orphaned since age three, becomes disheartened by middle school, with its bullies, changing relationships, and higher expectations, keys to long-locked rooms and messages from her late father help her cope.

3. Rush Revere and the brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans by Rush Limbaugh 

Substitute middle-school history teacher Rush Revere takes his students back in time to experience American history as it happens aboard the Mayflower and on Plymouth Plantation.

4. The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine

Twelve-year-old Marlee develops a strong friendship with Liz, the new girl in school, but when Liz suddenly stops attending school and Marlee hears a rumor that her friend is The Lions of Little Rockactually an African American girl passing herself off as white, the two young girls must decide whether their friendship is worth taking on integration and the dangers it could bring to their families.

5. Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky

Grayson, a transgender twelve-year-old, learns to accept her true identity and share it with the world.

Maxi's Secrets: (or what you can learn from a dog)6. Maxi’s Secret by Lynn Plourde 

Fifth-grader Timminy, who’s small for his age and new in town, isn’t eager to start middle school–but he gets a great consolation prize in Maxi, a big, deaf, lovable dog.


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