Golden Boy: A Book Club Update

Golden BoyOur 8th grade students began reading Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan last Thursday. This week has been chaotic with homecoming activities but students have been reading on their own and enjoyed the story. It is a captivating story of Habo, an albino boy living in Tanzania with his family who don’t understand why he doesn’t have the dark skin and hair of his brothers and sister. Their father left because of Habo and since then their family has been poor and destitute. The students are able to see the struggles of the family with living and understanding Habo’s differences. They are forced to move from their home and seek charity from Habo’s aunt. They travel by bus and foot to make it to their aunt’s home and when they arrive they are told what Habo’s condition is and that he is not safe there with them and even he jeopardizes their family by living with them. Albinos are considered lucky by the witch doctors and people pay lots of money for the hair, skin, legs, and other body parts. They use them as decor for their home to bring them good luck. So Habo is forced to hide all day in his aunt’s home until the rest of the family earn enough money to move somewhere it is safe. Habo is tired of feeling useless and a burden to his family but he doesn’t know what to do. When is in the back yard during the day with his little cousin a man he met earlier sees hims and is there to take him to a witch doctor who has been paid handsomely for this golden boy.

I am excited to meet with these kids Monday to talk about what they read and continue reading more about this story.


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