Who voted for the top new book?

You Are The EverythingWe started something new in our library this past month. As a librarian one of the most important (and fun) jobs is previewing and reviewing new books. It sometimes can be a daunting task trying to find the books students are interested in reading. So we tried something a little different. We previewed 10 different books and created a video for students and teachers to watch and preview the books themselves. The video was posted to our YouTube channel and sent out for all of the school to watch. After viewing all of the books teachers and students were encouraged to vote for the book they are most interested in reading. It was impressive to see the number of votes (345) in one week and students were genuinely interested in the nominated books. The voting ended on Friday and the results were as followed:

  • 32.6%- You Are the Everything by Karen Rivers

  • 14.2$- Posted by John David Anderson

  • 12.5%- My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn

  • 8.1%- Seeking Refuge by Irene Watts

  • 6.1%- Eye of the Storm by Amy Cherrix

  • 6.1%- The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby

  • 5.8%- One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale

  • 5.5% (Don’t) Call me Crazy by Kelly Jensen

  • 4.4%- Love a la Mode by Stephanie Kate Strohm

  • 4.1%- The Good Fight by Anne Quirk

The winning book You Are the Everything by Karen Rivers will be published October 30th and it has been pre-ordered to be delivered and available the following day. We are excited to see what the reviews are of this book. We hope everyone enjoyed taking a peak of potential new books.

Didn’t get to preview the books? Take a look at the video posted below.


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