My Weekend is Booked!

The Things They CarriedThe Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Heroic young men carry the emotional weight of their lives to war in Vietnam in a patchwork account of a modern journey into the heart of darkness.

The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie AndersonThe Impossible Knife of Memory

Hayley Kincaid and her father move back to their hometown to try a ‘normal’ life, but the horrors he saw in the war threaten to destroy their lives.

Stand TallStand Tall by Joan Bauer

Tree, a six foot three inch twelve year old, copes with his parent’s recent divorce and his failure as an athlete by helping his grandfather, a Vietnam vet and recent amputee and Sophie, a new girl at school.

Walking Wounded by Chris LynchWalking Wounded (Vietnam, #5)

Morris, Rudi, Ivan, and Beck were best friends at home and in Vietnam, but now Rudi has been killed in action, and the remaining three are the only ones who know the truth about their friend’s death–and the knowledge threatens to tear them apart.

Cracker!: The Best Dog in VietnamCracker! by Cynthia Kadohata

Cracker is trained to sniff out bombs, traps and the enemy in Vietnam. When Cracker is paired with Rick, she isn’t so sure about this new owner. He’s going to have to prove himeself to her before she’s going to prove herself to him. They need to be friends before they can be a team, and they have to be a team if they want to get home a live.

Shooting the Moon by Frances DowellShooting the Moon

Dexter’s brother is sent to Vietnam. Jamie is thrilled. Her father is in charge of sending soldiers overseas and she has always wanted to be in the military like her father and brother. Then she finds out from pictures her brother sends her what war is really like.


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