Top Facts About the Library

WE GET QUESTIONS throughout the year asking what goes on in the library everyday?. It is difficult to guess what will happen each day but here are a few facts about the library that may give you some insight. Continue reading “Top Facts About the Library”


The Great Britannica Information Scavenger Hunt

THIS WEEK OUR students are participating in the annual Great Britannica Information Scavenger Hunt. Our school has not participated prior to this year but we are excited to join the masses. We are fortunate to have a subscription to Britannica School online for our students to utilize for their research and for this scavenger hunt. We will finish up with all of our students tomorrow but thus far it is a safe estimate that over 100 will be eligible for the prizes. To be come eligible students must ace the hunt which is 5 questions this year. They their name is entered into the drawing for the prizes. Two students will receive a $50 gift card Continue reading “The Great Britannica Information Scavenger Hunt”

New Nonfiction

How to Handle CyberbullyingWE RECENTLY REVIEWED many of our nonfiction titles and considered them for weeding. This process can be difficult but we like to know what our readers are wanting to read in nonfiction and want is currently. Many books were deleted from the catalog for lack of interest and circulation over the past 5-10 years. Through this process we found several books that fit many current event issues that may need a little more attention that usual. For example Continue reading “New Nonfiction”

Learning about Hurricane Katrina through Book Club

OUR BOOK CLUB began reading Zane and the Hurricane on Monday and already students are intrigued by this man-made/natural disaster. This year was a very active hurricane season but we, as a country, learned from mistakes made from Hurricane Katrina that allowed for people to receive food, shelter, and basic necessities more efficiently than the residents of New Orleans after Katrina. Continue reading “Learning about Hurricane Katrina through Book Club”

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